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 Safety & Health Policy

  • Purpose:
    To reduce job related illness and injuries.
    To cover all workers, supervisors and depot managers, explain work related hazards, material handling safety, workplace safety, health and reduce the risk of injuries and illness.
    To ensure management and employee participation.
    Usage of MSDS to indicate hazards, control and prevention.
    Ensure all workers, supervisors and depot managers in the depot regularly attend safety training programs, meetings and briefings arranged by private HSE agencies.
    SGSPL management to provide all necessary details to the Depot Managers who in turn shall delegate to various departments in charge of the same.
    SGSPL management shall brief the depot managers and various department heads on the requirements of HSE Agencies with respect to the various health and safety observance in the depot.
    All necessary information demanded by any worker or employee regarding health and safety to be immediately provided by the depot manager. Every employee is empowered to question the depot manager or supervisor or any member of the management of SGSPL regarding the health and safety matter at any time of the day or night and this right shall never be denied, obstructed or objected by anybody including the Directors and Chairman of SGSPL.
    Depot Managers or Department supervisors shall carryout the initial briefing of safety to each and every person in his team considering all HSE requirements in order to mobilize the same.
    Beret all workers in the department.
    Ensure that the Supervisor/s brief the workforce in his presence prior to mobilization.
    In case of mobilization without site inspection or additional PPE requirement after mobilization the supervisor shall be instructed to arrange for the same prior to starting up the job
    Basic requirement of handling required tools, tackles and PPE’s shall be given my SGSPL management/depot mangers/supervisors prior to any new job assignment or confirmation of employment.
    Tool room talks prior to mobilization using MSDS and data provided by HSE of the company.
    Ensuring that each employee clearly understands the health and safety requirements.
    Rotation of supervisors for such briefings/training programs in presence of depot managers or management representative which shall be also repeat exercise.
    Chemical Hazard sheets
    Reporting and documentation
    HSE agreement
    SGSPL management will convince to proceed with the policy as De and keep the records of evaluation carried out by the private HSE agencies. Depending upon the individual and collective reports such collected necessary changes if any shall be immediately incorporated.
    Basic Principle:
    a rule no employee or member of the management team shall neglect any safety lapse and shall ensure/work towards eradication of such lapses.
    No occurrence regarding safety shall be treated as ‘Minor’
    Strictly no alcohol or Drugs shall be consumed in depot premises.